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The NET desk is a concept that attempts to explore what happens to a work space when paper has a connection to its digital file. Currently a printed artifact is the end of its life cycle as an artifact. In an age of ubiquitous computation all things can become connected fueling a history and a network. In IPv6 every molecule can have a unique identity, because of this we are attempting to explore the area of sequential design to address the ideas that paper has a history and is part of a large network of files and connections. When paper can be recognized not just through the visual that it is the digital file but through a connection within meta data, networked systems, and communication. A prototype of a design desk that utilizes the affordances of space, physical paper, and physical user interfaces to interact with the screen space. The NET Desk prototype is a project that is attempting to address the lack of a link between printed material and the digital file. Printed material should be contain in its process a link to its digital essence and not just through its appearance.



Inspiration from Alexi Brodovich

New Ecology of things : Layout Hub from Chris R Becker on Vimeo.

To test the ideas we used low tech video editing to explore the aspects of the system that we wanted possible from the desk. The entire system is based on the idea that paper is connected to its digital piece and therefore interaction with the physical would be translated to interaction with the digital piece.

Printed object maintain a connection to their digital file through a printed barcode

NET Desk : Prototype 2 from Chris R Becker on Vimeo.

After exploring the possibilities and researching the types of technologies that we could use to prototype the desk we explored and made a series of experiments that tested the technologies of the barcode scanner, the Wii controller and light sensors to give functionality to the desk. The NET Desk was prototyped using flash as the back end. Computation has resulted in many of our computer systems to be homogenized however through thinking about the tangible interaction and space of a desk, Ryan and I developed a desk that uses the collaborative space of a desk but all links the that interaction with the vast connection and data that can be stored within a computer.

Interface direction and wireframes for look and feel of the interaction processes.

NET Desk : Demo from Chris R Becker on Vimeo.

A prototype of an interactive desk that explores a world where paper has an identity and a connection to its digital file. Utilizing ideas from The New Ecology of Things, The NET Desk demo is a prototype made from design research and experimentation around un-homogenizing the designers work space. dea: Chris Becker & Ryan D’orazi
A Design Research Project and Experimentation into Designer Affordance
Alexi Brodovich


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