Macintosh 30: Interactive Narrative

An interactive documentary and product timeline experience that allows user to explore 30 years of Macintosh innovation and all the artists and designers who have used a Mac to be creative.   111113_SuperNOVA_UXD_milestones_timeline_map_v1.2 111313_SuperNOVA_UXD_milestones_IA_SwipeMap_v1.6 In collaboration with Tool of North America along with Media Arts Labs I helped create User experience documents and information architecture and planning documents for the team. Apple Thirty Years of Mac “1.24.14” Film UXApple Thirty Years of Mac 1999 Apple Thirty Years of Mac 2007 Apple Thirty Years of Mac Your first Mac_start Apple Thirty Years of Mac_homepage

Landing Page & Interactive Film 

home_apple_years home_apple macintosh-icon-font video_apple_years


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