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Product Design & Development 
Shape was rapid prototyped to decide the correct size and shape. Dodecahedron nose was based off of exisitng branding for the STEAM Carnival which was devised by out team to move the STEAM Carnival Brand to be something bigger. Products were a byproduct of extending brand awareness through its employees and event goers.

IMG_1546 IMG_1550

Production Process mold making test.
Worked with friends and frabricatores Pretty In Plastic :





Finished Dedecahedron Nose Product 
Foam shaped nose with read sheen finish.


Steam Carnival : Interactive Event for Traveling education & Technology 
STEAM Carnival is a unique, high-energy event featuring tech-infused game attractions and carnival-inspired entertainment to thrill, amuse, and reimagine the way we learn. Join the many who have entered the Two Bit Circus workshop and been amazed by its creations!


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