Nissan : Passion Genome Project

Nissan Passion Genome 

An interactive way to explore a users 6 passion categories. Through Facebook connect a user can pull in their  friends and family feeds and see where each of their passions overlap through a connection. As the Lead UX designer working with Tool of North America I helped pitch and design the interface solution for the generative art visualization and interface experience.
Client : Nissan & TWBA / Chiat / Day

Create Face
Using Facebook Connect, A user can choose a photo from their profile and have the genome system redraw and render their face into a interactive experience that is both sharable and a reflection of an users interests.


Early explorations into the interface and experience sketching moves quick. We we working with the team Tool of North America to quickly and efficiently communicate the ideas that underpinned the interface and connection interactions.

paper app sketchs
Face interface sketchs
FWA – screenshot – Site of the Day



Site of the Day – Feb 17th, 2014 – AWWWARDS 


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