Author of Learn Human-Computer Interaction

I published a book through Packt Publishing

Solve human problems and focus on rapid prototyping and validating solutions through user testing.

Published in Oct 2020.

A series of interior pages of the book
Learning text with graphic illustrations

What you will learn

  • Become well-versed with HCI and UX concepts
  • Evaluate prototypes to understand data gathering, analysis, and interpretation techniques
  • Execute qualitative and quantitative methods for establishing humans as a feedback loop in the software design process
  • Create human-centered solutions and validate these solutions with the help of quantitative testing methods
  • Move ideas from the research and definition phase into the software solution phase
  • Improve your systems by becoming well-versed with the essential design concepts for creating user interfaces

Who this book is for

This book is for software engineers, UX designers, entrepreneurs, or anyone who is just getting started with user interface design and looking to gain a solid understanding of human-computer interaction and UX design. No prior HCI knowledge is required to get started.

Pick one up today!

“…nothing is fullproof. You should not think that there is nothing more to learn even after completing this book; rather, you should see HCI as an opportunity fo you to continuously gain new knowledge and skills.”
– Christopher Reid Becker

pg. 273


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