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Marginalia : The Hybrid Textbook is a thesis project that examines what happens when tangible print media connects to its digital counterpart through networked pages, writing based input devices, and screen based margin extensions. The Hybrid Textbook establishes a third form somewhere between the physical page and the screen display, dissolving the separation between physical and digital, and engaging the opportunity for seamless interaction with both.
Marginalia is a prototype and design research project that examines the experience of a textbook with a fold out screen margin extension. A book jacket system that explores the physical interactions with tangible print media as a link to the social interactions of studying, communication, and reflection afforded through networked screen technologies. The prototype connects and layers realtime communication and historical marginalia on top of the physical margin through an extended, networked, stylus/pen compatible, interactive margin space. The shared margin space allows a user to add a digital history onto the physical object, allowing the artifact to become a ‘Consumer Spime.’ The marginalia prototype engages both built and speculative outcomes of a textbook and a screen stimulating the potential of tangible print media coupled with digital media for sharing and leveraging connection and communication.

A bookjacket screen margin extension system. Coupling tangible print media with its digital counterpart.

Tangible print media connected to its digital piece through barcoding and digital Ex Libre

Margin Screen is connected to a network of the classroom textbook

tangible print media textbook connects to a large network of anyone who has engaged in the textbook

Margin screen space can be populated with subscription based content from authors notes to contemporary commentary.

Margin screen spaces is controlled by the user

Shared notes in physical textbook become broadcast into the shared screen spaces of the Marginalia System.

Notes and comments can be responded to in the margin space allowing the margin to become a communication platform

Shared notes can be seen as handwritten or as ASCII

Shared communication: Physical Note prompts a string of conversation in the shared margin space

Added Media: Book References

Added Media : Screenbased video context

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